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Yemisi is a vegan advocate who believes that everybody should try and incorporate a vegan or plantbased lifestyle into their diet. She believes that animals have the right to exist freely without human interference. Her first eBook "7 Day Vegan Beginners Guide with 15 +Nigerian inspired recipes" was inspired by the numerous questions she received from friends and family. Questions such as, how can you Nigerian and Vegan? Yemisi chose a vegan lifestyle in October 2016 and has since then become an advocate for Veganism. Her eBook is a brilliant and non judgmental guide for anyone who is unsure of what meals to enjoy if they ever decide to choose the vegan or plant-based lifestyle. In this beautifully put together eBook, you will find lots of information on veganism, where to shop, what to eat and lots more on the benefits of going vegan.

Books by Yem Smoothies

7 day vegan beginners guide

This eBook is for anyone who is interested in trying out a vegan or plant based lifestyle but is unaware of the variety of Nigerian meals that fall into the vegan class. Did you know that 90% of the meals we eat as Africans are plant-based, this excludes the animal produce added to our meals. This eBook is great for people who want to eat their traditional food but also want to change their lifestyle by trying out a plant-based diet. From personal experience an easy way to transition to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is to try what I call ”Meatless Monday”. Every Monday have a meal with no animal produce in it. Try this once a week and take baby steps towards your transition to a vegan lifestyle. The aim of this eBook is to celebrate the vegan culinary in our African menu. Once you start using this book, you'll realize that you have been eating vegan foods daily excluding the animal- based foods. I hope that you will enjoy this eBook and use it for the days you decide to have a meal free of animal produce.


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