Yewande Joseph

Hi guys, I'm Yewande Joseph, a writer who sees writing as a way of expressing herself to the youths, parents, and married couples. Reading my books offer you three things; Information, Entertainment, and Motivation. They are books you shouldn't miss out on. Phone number: 08063700859 Please kindly let me know if you have any more questions for me. Thank you so much.

Books by Yewande Joseph


Toyin finally had the courage to show Derek the door, shouting with the whole of her strength. "Out!" She finally understood that relationship is not endurance.

the two hours journey

The two hours journey is a hell of laughter. Typical description of Lagos danfo conductors can be a pain in the ass! You don't want to miss out in this experience. One of the hilarious books you can ever lay your hands on. Get ready to kill your boredom by reading this book.

meeting with the president's son

All Jadesola ever wanted was to meet with the President's son. What happened after she eventually met with the President's son? Meeting with the President's son is a book encouraged to be read by all youths, mothers, parents, and everyone all around the world. We are in a society where it has become harder for youths to survive day by day, and because of that, they need guidance and support rather than being left alone. Meeting with the President's son is educative, informative, and Entertaining. Get ready for the awesome lessons packed in the book.

married to victor stephen

"High school sweethearts" Victor- "I think the perfection of marriage is that it's not perfect."  Suzy- "And you have to weather many storms together."  Suzy finally got married to her high school sweetheart, Victor Stephen. He was everything a girl ever wanted as husband, but in every marriage, there is a challenge or the other, and most couples don't survive such a traumatic bumpy road.  THIS BOOK YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS THE BOOK TWO OF (MY DAYS AT CROWN SCHOOL) You will never regret reading a book like this in your lifetime. Get ready to smile, laugh, and learn lots of lessons. You can still read and read the book one after. Lemme leave you to enjoy.

my days at crown school

All the way from Abuja, they say Crown School is the best secondary (high) school in Lagos State, Nigeria. Meet Suzy, the girl who won a scholarship and found herself attending the best school ever in Lagos. Little did she know she had a secret admirer and friends she never expected to have met.  If you are looking for a book that will make your time worthwhile, give you goosebumps, make you smile, laugh, cry and at the end wish these characters truly exist, then don't skip this book because you just found that book. Please enjoy. 


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