Yusuf Zay

Yusuf Zay was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria where he currently resides. He studied mass communication at the Universite Protestant De L’Afrique De L’ouest, Benin Republic. He is a witty, diverse and talented writer in his mid-twenties. He has a love for fiction, crime, mystery and fantasy and Orisabunmi is his debut novel. He is also a Blogger, Presenter and an aspiring filmmaker.

Books by Yusuf Zay

orisabunmi (made of magic 1)

'In a time long forgotten, man worshipped the gods of the Orisha Pantheon. But the bond that man and gods once shared has been severed by time and fate. Bound to an ethereal realm for eternity, some gods have resigned to their fates while some remain angry and unforgiving. It is up to twin sisters, Modupe and Bunmi, to finish what their mother started and save humanity from the wrath of the gods who will bring them harm. Although bound by blood and a legacy of magic and destruction, the sisters want nothing to do with each other. This summer, the gods are coming to town. Against them, two sisters must set aside their differences and fears and stand as one. Can two estranged sisters with an axe to grind, a pain unhealed, a shared legacy of magic and destruction and differences that set them apart like fire and water unite to save humankind from a dangerous Orisha? And more importantly, can they save each other? Find out in BOOK 1 of the MADE OF MAGIC trilogy, ORISABUNMI.'


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