7 Reasons Why God Wants to Solve Your Problems
Do you allow your problems to overwhelm you? Have you searched frantically for a guide on how to overcome failure and achieve success? I believe you already have compiled a long list of obstacles to overcome in your life, family, and business and have no clue on how to get over these problems. Are you a Christian and you have wondered if God is ready and willing to help you overcome all the problems in your life which you have battled with for many years now? In a chat with a friend who has been a Christian for many years, he confessed to me that he no longer has the conviction that God hears him again when he prays to him about his many problems. Do you have such an incorrect conviction too? The truth is that God is willing and ever ready to help you overcome all the obstacles and problems that may be plaguing or limiting you presently. This short book shows you: 1. Seven biblical and easy-to-understand reasons why God wants to solve your problems. 2. How God is waiting for you to trust Him to solve your problems. 3. How you are expected to stick with God whenever you desire a solution to a problem. This short book will put back into you the power of faith in God again. It uses core principles of Christianity to show you why God is ever (and will ever) be ready to solve your problems Please read this book today.
Author : Sesan Oguntade
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 21

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