A Collection of Eerie stories
I present to you a collection of eerie stories that wasn't written; rather they created themselves, drawing each word from my fingers as I struggled to capture feelings and experiences that wouldn't sleep. The choice of topics in this collection takes the reader across supernatural beliefs of reincarnation and the afterlife, through sexual thoughts of seduction and immorality, and like a fly on the wall, it eavesdropped on higher powers. A Collection Of Eerie Stories also contains "The Earthquake," a true story about Emma - a true believer, who loves God and his father dearly; until a mysterious earthquake rocked his life and world. Will he keep been faithful or lose faith? I must not forget to warn that this collection of stories contains explicit, adult content.
Author : Alexander Nnaemeka
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Thriller
Number of Pages : 68

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