A Critical Appraisal of Christian Healing Ministry in Nigeria
Africans value good health and make sure that anything that causes harm to health is avoided. Sickness is inimical to health thus Africans can spend a lot to treat themselves when they are sick. Africans seek for holistic healing of which Christian healing ministry can offer through the power of Jesus Christ. Thus, Christian healing ministry becomes an integral part of Nigerian society to bring holistic healing to various diseases they suffer. The church is to carry out the Great Commission along with the healing ministry. Although there are problems associated with Christian healing ministry as a result of fake faith healers in the ministry yet Christian healing ministry has been of a great help to Nigerian Christians and the society at large. The chapters are arranged in the following ways: Chapter one opens with introduction to the study. Chapter two is discussed about ill-health, healing and health. Chapter three focused on dimensions of Christian healing ministry centered on Christianity and healing emphasis and it includes healing ministry of Jesus, purpose of Jesus healing ministry, healing ministry in the early church, healing ministry in post apostolic era, Pentecostalism and healing ministry, early missionary thrust and the quest for healing, prophetic healing movement, Pentecostalism and quest for divine healing. Chapter four points out the contributions and problems of Christian healing ministry inclusive of the following; impact of Christian healing ministry on the Church and Christians, church growth, spiritual revival of the church, supernatural healing and impact of healing ministry on the society. The problems include; abuses, unnecessary emphasis on the influence of demons and evil spirits, inappropriate use of sacramental inadequate medical care, declining spiritual commitment, materialism and commercial ministry and family crisis. Chapter five brings the work to a close. The book sheds more light on pastoral care in Christian healing ministry to achieve the purpose of which Christian healing ministry is originally meant.
Author : Nwaozuru Johnmajor C.
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 97

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