Body Count
Urhougide ‘Rogue’ Silas & Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Korede are starcrossed…enemies. Or so they think. It was hate at first meet. The fire burning between them whenever they looked into each other's eyes? That was rage, pure and simple. Rogue believes that Lizzy hates him because he didn't fall at her feet, and Lizzy believes Rogue hates her because she spits in the face of societal conventions about women and what they do with their bodies (who would like such a prick, right?), both of them projecting their hurtful past experiences on one another. But their mutual friends and family; The Basseys, believe otherwise, and now they're stuck with each other in close proximity after being ditched at the Mary Bassey's Bachelor/ette party, they are compelled to get to know more about each other and face their prejudices. Will they be able to let go of their biases long enough to understand and see each other? Or is it all just a disaster waiting to happen?
Author : Nomi Cane
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 311

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