Bubbles From Rubbles
Bubbles from Rubbles is a sequel of the novel, In and Out, a story of delusional love. Long after escaping from the abusive and controlling powers of a man, Ijendu remained imprisoned. Her actions and utterances did not depict a free woman. Even though Ijendu thought she was living the life, her life remained rudderless. Every time she thought she displayed respect for her values, she contradicted herself. No one believed her nor did they take her seriously. Not only did She sway from one side to the other with her actions, she also blew hot and cold with her words. Her unusual ways of thinking and behaving became glaring as the strength of her character was tested. Ijendu was a victim of an unbalanced society where merit did not open the door and reason was scorned.
Author : Amara Chidinma & Victor Ibeh
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 146

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