Build, Innovate And Grow
Nigeria today appears rudderless, with no particular direction. Our country has no purposeful destiny that we can say, with conviction, is our lodestar. Our citizens are increasingly unsure about what it means to be a Nigerian. This is a fundamental challenge that we must overcome, for a nation or country without a clear worldview simply cannot become a prosperous and powerful one. In this book, Professor Kingsley Moghalu addresses the real challenges standing in the path of the fulfilment of Nigeria’s many promises of becoming a prosperous and powerful nation. From leadership deficits to gender inequities, decay of educational and security infrastructures, he addresses these and other challenges while offering clear and succinct solutions that will prove useful for anyone truly interested in working to build, innovate and grow the Nigerian State and its economy.
Author : Kingsley Moghalu
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Business
Number of Pages : 187

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