Catch The Fire
The treasures of the earth are the reserve of the pure in heart. When God owns you, He gives you access to all he owns. You can live the rest of your life without stress and struggles for the good things of this life. God’s seasoned spokesman, Pastor Goodheart Obi Ekwueme yet again in this most exciting book presents the catalyst that will fire up your soul and position you for the overflow of divine benefits. He echoes the clarion call of the spirit and urges the reader to enlist in the glorious end time army of God-chasers who will not only command the flow of God's inexhaustible treasures here on earth but will be used by God to serve as a conduit pipe that would transmit and reveal his glory to this dying world. Some of the chapters in this book are; “God seekers wanted”, “Spiritual Heart Check”, “Where is your heart”, “Guard your heart”, “How far do you want to go with God”, “Building according to God's master plan”, “The honour that comes from God”. Get ready to catch the genuine fire of revival in your life as the contents of this book prepares you to take your own place in the coming mighty and awesome move of the spirit of God upon the face of the earth.
Author : Goodheart Ekwueme
Published : 2014
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 104

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