Choosing the Right Partner for Marriage: Getting it Right from the Start
Choosing The Right Partner For Marriage provides the answer to the questions that challenge the youths, the singles and married whose desire is to get it right in marriage. This Book provides secrets and guide to the following, * How to know who your life partner is? * What to do to ensure you get it right in marriage from the start? * What to do to ensure you marry the right partner and at the right time of your life? * How to position yourself and be attractive both on the inside and on the outside and How to quickly get the attention and love of the right partner. * What to do to activate the favor you need for a timely, beautiful and prosperous Marriage. Choosing The Right Partner For Marriage is a precious gift to you if you must marry the right partner for your life, have a beautiful marriage and experience a satisfying and fulfilling life and destiny.
Author : Kingsley Kelechukwu
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Dating
Number of Pages : 79

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