Crossroads: The Paths that Love Don't Travel
Michael and Lynda fall in love on the first day they set eyes on each other as fresh men in the University of Lagos. But low self esteem, misplaced priorities and pride causes them to instantly deny it in their hearts. They would not even bring themselves to admit an attraction so obvious to everyone else. In a lengthy emotional hide and seek, they go their separate ways but never succeed to stop their hearts from calling for each other. They go into different relationships, pursued separate successful careers, but the farther apart they travel, the more their hearts bleed in search for each other. Fate played its role in bringing them together again in several instances but the stubbornness of their heads, Lynda’s self pride and David’s broken past keep coming in the way and ruining what should be a perfect romantic reunion.
Author : Segun Peters
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 248

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