Diaries of an African Collegian
Ayodele John had nursed plans of attending one of the best Private Colleges in Nigeria: Loyola Jesuit College but it wasn't to be as his mum had other plans. She had made up her mind that her son was going to attend the Federal Government Academy, Suleja (FedAcad) which was one of the best Government-run Schools in Nigeria. John resumes into FedAcad and is faced by unplanned boarding school troubles ranging from assembling and sitting on the bare, cold terrazzo floor,gruesome friday labour, military-style saturday morning inspections and the worst of them all; incessant bullying from seniors and even colleagues. Is he going to survive them? Let me take you through a nostalgic voyage (if you did attend a Nigerian boarding school) and we'll see if and how John is going to survive such troubles. Ooh you didn't attend one? Well, Feel the experience!!!
Author : Ekundayo Isaac
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 63

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