I Laugh at These Skinny Girls
Many people ' hate' poetry, because they find it tedious, boring and sometimes intimidating. 'I Laugh At These Skinny Girls' is a refreshing and exciting approach to poetry. It is a collection of 'Poetry for people who hate poetry' which is poetry marinated in; simplicity, relatability, vividness and wittiness. Without any intention to ridicule complex forms of poetry, the poems in this book are written without the strictures of conformity and with a form and motive to portray poetry as enjoyable, especially to those people who would normally not read poetry. 'I Laugh at These Tiny Girls' is the second book in the ‘Poetry for people who hate poetry’ series.
Author : Tolu Akinyemi
Published : 2015
Book Type : Book
Category : Poetry
Number of Pages : 83

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