Lulu and the Study Crew
Lulu’s best friend Ify did poorly in her tests and may be leaving for boarding school very soon. Ify is not the only one in school who has a problem passing her tests too. Now Lulu has to help Ify do her very best so that she doesn’t have to go. Will Lulu be able to help Ify improve her grades? And what plan do both girls have to help all the other kids pass too? Lulu and the Study Crew is the first book in the Lulu's Motivational Colouring Books for Kids series. These books teach one simple story while using rhyme as its medium. If you get the paperback copy on amazon, you will see that it is also a colouring book for kids for double the fun! If you liked this book, check out the second in the series titled Lulu and the Big Bad Boy... a story about the influence of peer pressure.
Author : cynthia osunwoke
Published : 2020
Book Type : Kid
Category : EDUCATION / Early Childhood (incl. Preschool & Kindergarten)
Number of Pages : 18

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