Once Upon a First Love
PEJU ADAMS has long since given up on her lifelong love and high-school sweetheart, ABDUL LAYENI, when he left ten years ago. She has lived her life fine, focusing on her work despite the trail of failed relationships in her wake till Abdul makes an appearance at her door-step does she realise she might have given up on him but had never forgotten him. Now, feelings of long ago suddenly creeps up and pulls down all her defences. Her life has changed since the last time she saw Abdul. She’s not the naive teenager any-more, but a grown woman who has given her heart to God and has kept the past as past. She has to make a tough decision between the God she serves and the man she loves. A man, who so happens to be a Muslim. A man whom she knows isn’t for her. It doesn’t matter that FEMI, a good and successful Christian man, is also vying for her attention . . .and love. Femi has spent the last eighteen-plus years waiting for the woman God has in mind for him. He believes with his whole heart that Peju is that woman. But all his plans to woo her fails. He wonders if God has forgotten him. If, perhaps, he had made a mistake. Or worse, if she didn’t want him as a husband. His attempts to get across to her prove abortive and even Peju’s friend, ELIANA, can’t put in a word for him or persuade her friend into making the right decision. ELIANA can’t help it if she’s a helpless romantic, even if she broke up with her boyfriend six months ago when wedding plans were under-way. Despite being heartbroken, she refuses to give up on love and has directed her attention to serving God and living for Him. She tries to talk to Peju who turns the table around and blames Eliana for being jealous and too much of a religious freak who wants God to determine the outcome of her life. Their argument puts their friendship on ice. However, Peju ignores the knock of God on her heart as she gives herself to Abdul, looks Eliana away and marches boldly to the altar. Just at the point of making the final decision, doubt creeps in and she isn’t certain who her real first love is. Abdul her high school sweetheart; rich, thriving, understanding and charming, or God who’s just God. Abdul who was her first love, the one who she loved with every breath. She didn’t want to think of all the negatives. She didn’t want to think of them being apart. What she wanted was to marry Abdul. Was there any crime in that? While Eliana thinks all is well and rosy, with a business picking up and doing well, new boyfriend, she gradually loses focus and it takes a divine encounter to jolt her back to first things first.
Author : Tope Omotosho
Published : August 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 321

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