One Day with the Hounds
Chief Dr Sir Alhaji Skido Alao, a politician whose titles cannot do enough justice to his flamboyance, is on the run, along with his even more pompous political adviser, following the fall of their regime. Now finding themselves in a remote, rural border community far from government, they must perform their final acts on the hoodwinked rural populace if they must find themselves across the border. But will the people be hoodwinked forever? That is the Hamlet question of the drama. This open-ended play with elements of Brechtian alienation effect may be documented as a comedy, as we take our risible pound of flesh on the once-upon-a-time untouchables like Alao, but to the partisan, it is the tragedy of a nation, and to the neutral, a well told story.
Author : Anaele Ihuoma
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 70

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