Other People's Money: 3 Things You Need to Attract Unlimited Funding for Your Business and Projects
Everyone needs funding at one stage or the other both in business and in career. Attracting the required funds from people who have it. Is a skill only a few people know. OPM (other peoples' Money) skills is critical both in career and in life in general. This is one skill that will position you for unlimited success in life because without funding most dreams die an untimely death. In this book I have outlined 3 things that will position you to constantly attract funding from people who have the money to give. Be they individuals, organisations or even government bodies. Whether the money is for a Business for profits or a non profit organization, politics or project. The methods for attracting "Other peoples' money" is similar and involves these three things as outlined in this insightful read. Get the book and position yourself for unlimited funding.
Author : Adiemea Obed
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Business
Number of Pages : 29

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