PIANO 4 COMPLETE BEGINNERS| 10 Days To Start Playing Your Favourite Songs
Do you desire to play the piano? Here's a perfect opportunity to do so in a few days. And yes! You can play over 200 instrument sounds on your keyboard. It is very versatile HERE IS MY STORY I started with the guitar? Loved the way it sounded, and I could carry it around But my fingers would hurt & blister and that would discourage me from playing for a while Made only little progress with time Then I got admitted into a Music Institute and chose Piano as my instrument of choice IT WAS EASY-ER! In this book, I break it down even more... Said goodbye to blisters, and the best part was I could play guitar sounds with my keyboard I'M SURE YOU'LL FIND THIS BOOK EXTREMELY HELPFUL ON YOUR PIANO JOURNEY. Do leave me a comment or review if you did. You can follow me for daily updates on; IG & Twitter: @dopreemusic YouTube: /dopreemusic
Author : Faith Dopree Uchendu
Published : 2020
Book Type : Kid
Category : MUSIC / Instruction & Study / Exercises
Number of Pages : 34

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