Pastor Face Your Calling
"This book will teach you on 1. Why Christians are not supposed to remain behind the pulpit or in the pews 2. The people who change the world did not remain in the 4 walls of the church 3. To be the Joseph of your nation you need to step out of the pulpit 4. You can be anointed and still be in politics 5. Every Christian must be in charge of a sphere of life 6. The church must change a worldview if she is to win the world for Christ 7. We contribute to the evils in the society when we don’t take charge of all spheres of life 8. Every Christian is a God-carrier for the world 9. We are to preach the gospel to every creature 10. Examples of Christians who changed the world"
Author : Sunday Adelaja
Published : 2017
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 120

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