Prince of Benicrosia: The Making of a New African Nation
Our country today is moving in dark turbulent waters in the manner of an oil tanker that has no compass and no destination. Our Government no longer reflects the organic social contract underpinning the relationship between the state and the people. Impunity, incompetence and misrule that defines our era have driven our youths to seek escape through the long trek across Sahara. Thousands die each year in slave camps of North Africa while hundreds perish in the treacherous waters of Mediterranean. These realities reinforced the importance and relevance of this book. This Book, Prince of Benicrosia: The Making of a New African Nation, is an open but frank expression of uncommon patriotism that is sorely needed for the kind genuine and holistic transformation that has eluded Nigeria for Sixty years. I warmly commend this book to all who care about Nigeria's future. - Obadiah Mailafia (DPhil Oxford) (Former Deputy Governor of the CBN) This book draws deep from a writing tradition of the prophetic that is at the same time sound sense. It is bold, insightful and an example of what it means to write from a deep place. Read it and ensure that the next generation reads it as well. This is timely writing." - Tade Ipadeola Winner, Nigeria Prize for Literature 2013. Having been a Middle Belter in Nigeria for over seven decades, and I was a politcally aware citizen of Nigeria for over six decades, I can say, without the fear of being contradicted, that this is the most powerful and relevant publication on the country Nigeria, by a citizen of the Middle-Belt Region of Nigeria. This book has been inspired and written for the total transformation of the FORCEFUL AMALGAM into a PEACEFUL UNION. -Professor Durojaiye Adegboye
Author : Salvation Ngazodo Philip
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Nonfiction
Number of Pages : 202

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