Deborah Amadi had dreams and sweet fantasies about a great and comfortable future. Her parents were quite rich and generous; she was a student of the prestigious Command Secondary school Abakaliki. Things changed dramatically by the sudden death of her Father, Daddy did not write a will before his death because Chinedu the only Son did not come on time, he came as the seventh child. Uncle Amaechi took over Daddy's businesses as he was daddy's younger brother and the next of kin. The once united family was shattered like a flock of Sheep without a Shepherd. Mummy died in a psychiatric home, she lost her mind when she was accused and punished for the death of Daddy and with Uncle Amaechi taking possession of the only Son Chinedu and locking the Girls and their mother out of their family house
Author : Awoleye Ayokunle Dominic
Published : March 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Adventure
Number of Pages : 259

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