Selfie With Bible Girls
It's very easy to think that the women celebrated in the bible were such a perfect bunch. Perhaps you've always imagined them this way: Not a hair out of place as they carried their babies in one hand and made dinner for their husbands with the other. Never complaining as they jostled their place in ministry while remaining silent in church and keeping full fledged careers while remaining stay at home moms. Perhaps you think they never knew singleness or battled barrenness. Maybe you assumed their marriages were made out of fairy tales and their kids had Angel wings. 'Selfies with Bible Girls' will give you a wake up call. You'll raise up your selfie stick and see women who look just like you. Flawed, yet loved by a Flawless God. Unqualified, yet dauntless in the face of adversity. So, housewife, be content. Remember Mary, Elizabeth, Jael. Lady with a past, behold Rahab and Mary Magdalene Minister and minister's wife, remember Priscilla. Widow, never forget Anna. Orphan, look at Esther. No kids yet? Remember Sarah. Workaholic, book an appointment with Martha. Leader, see Deborah. Divorced, look up the woman at the well. Unwell, think of the woman with the issue of blood. In business, check out Lydia’s bio. In a bad marriage? Reflect on Abigail and Tamar. Single? Remember Philip’s prophesying daughters. Married? See Sarah. Feminist? See Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah Poor? Remember Jochebed and the widow with two cents. Mother, remember Eunice. Grandmother, see Lois. Imperfect mum, remember Rebecca. Imperfect wife, remember Sarah. These Bible-women listed above were just like you and I. Some single, some married, some old, some young, some in business, some housewives. However, what really defined them wasn't their earthly status. What defined them can be encapsulated in one word: Faith. For the women in Old Testament days, it was Faith in the Messiah that was to come; for those in the New Testament days, it was Faith.
Author : Laju Iren
Published : 2017
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 157

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