Tafiya: The Journey (A Memoir)
TAFIYA is an Hausa word which means Journey. This Memoir talks about my Journey - life struggles, pains, career experiences, relationships, humanity and purpose discovery. All were written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Using the social space to attract opportunities and also emphasis on the need to allow GOD take the lead in crucial things in the journey of life, perseverance, having discerning spirit, pitfalls to avoid, hearing and knowing the Will of God for one’s life. This is a good read for personal development, freelance opportunities graduates can key into. Also, it is a guide for young women in love, the broken hearted for healing and those in the waiting period and needs clarity. If you sense you have a calling, but yet to discover it, then this is the book for you. TAFIYA is worth reading and very insightful. It has several characters and events that took place, focusing on different walks of life. It is a mixture of humour, suspense, emotion, and spiritual quest.
Author : Folake Odidi Mary
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Autobiography
Number of Pages : 64

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