The Acne Hand-Book
The acne handbook: a guide to getting rid of acne, directly addresses acne as a concern, how it is formed, the different types available and areas of the body where they occur and why. It also talks about common myths associated with acne and the facts. Although food is not a cause of acne, this book talks about some foods that trigger acne and those that can help to maintain a healthy skin as well as the causes of acne. Furthermore, it examines the age and gender occurrence of acne as well as how seasonal and climate change affects the skin across different continents. In addition, the book gave steps to maintain a flawless skin and also treat acne with the basics of a skincare regimen. How to prevent acne was also discussed as well as the management with herbs, oils and other natural ingredients. In conclusion, beauty affirmations to help build self esteem were not left out as the treatment of acne first begins from the mind by accepting oneself wherever they are on their journey to where they want to get to.
Author : Jeraldine Esozie
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Health
Number of Pages : 34

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