The Brutal Agent
The Brutal Agent (TBA) is a book crafted with detailed report of individual's opportunities, possibilities and challenges worthy to absorb as a sojourner on earth. It reflects the teaching-learning processes at different stages of life, under both the physical teacher and the faceless one. TBA reveals the approaches of these teachers (especially the faceless one), his cross, appropriate choice of passing information, and the costs of his personal encounter. In that course, the book emphasize and re-emphasize the need to learn indirectly from the Brutal Agent, for its direct encounter can be very disastrous leaving the recipient with bruises, fractures, scars and at the extreme "death". Although some circumstances beyond individual control can beckon on the Brutal Agent (where and when need be), but there still exist a way out against all odds. On that note, the book justifies that the costs outweigh the benefits of learning directly from the teacher wielded with so much Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding (WKU). Hence, the only way out of this mystery is to absorb the teaching of the sophisticated agents, and other suggestions enlisted in the book - The Brutal Agent.
Author : Abolaji Adewale Obileye
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 80

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