The Delicate Choice
THE DELICATE CHOICE is a short story about Ahaoma Village – a quiet and prosperous village that is besieged, all of a sudden, by a series of mysterious woes that threatens to wipe out every living soul in the land. A divine enquiry eventually reveals the truth behind the existing crises. It turns out that many years ago, the gods of the land placed a curse of desolation upon the inhabitants of Ahaoma Village – as a result of a great evil that was perpetrated by someone from the royal household. To revoke the curse, the present king has to embark, all alone, on a perilous journey, through the dreaded evil forest, to a sacred cave situated on the outskirts of a distant village. There, the gods subject him to a great test – one in which he has to choose between two delicate options. The right choice will instantly lift the god’s curse upon Ahaoma Village. However, the wrong choice will immediately lead to the village’s utter destruction.
Author : Ikenna Igwe
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 37

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