The Employee Experience: How to Attract Talent, Retain Top Performers, and Drive Results
Want a profit-enhancing Customer Experience? Forget about your customers and concentrate on your employees. The Employee Experience helps organizations attract and retain top talent but also reveals the secrets for building a deeply engaged workforce. With deep insights into the dynamics of trust and mutual expectations, this book shows that before you can deliver a transcendent customer experience (CX), you must first build a superlative employee experience (EX). This is not about creating a worker's utopia, and it does not mean that work must be easy; employees are responsible for managing expectations and meeting the organization's requirements. But by establishing a clear set of expectations and promises--collectively known as the Contract--and upholding it consistently, employers can build the essential trust that leads to powerful employee engagement. The data are unambiguous: organizations with engaged workforces are more profitable, enjoy greater growth and win the battle to keep the most talented personnel. Employees who have a fulfilling, rewarding work experience perform better, achieve more, and bring more value to the organization. The Employee Experience teaches you to leverage the full potential of your people to transform your future: Make the employee experience a core part of your strategy Understand employee expectations and bridge the Expectation Gap Establish a rock-solid Contract that breeds trust and confidence Build a culture of support and achievement Turn employee engagement into an exceptional customer experience, profit and growth Creating a transformative employee experience is not about stock options or foosball in the break room. It's about respecting the role your people play in representing your brand and building your business. When you give talented people the space to achieve and thrive, theyll give your customers an experience your competitors cant duplicate. The Employee Experience shows you where extraordinary companies startand how to build one.
Author : Tracy Maylett
Published : 2017
Book Type : Book
Category : Business
Number of Pages : 120

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