The Great Magician and Other Stories
I, The Great Magician And Other Stories, am one out of a series of short stories collections. I am a classical interesting work of art that aims at correcting the behavior of children at very tender ages, while at the same time improving their reading and comprehending ability. In my pages are, seven wonderful stories, a glossary of difficult words, questions to test understanding and unique learning games and puzzles. I am not only a book of morals and education but also of leisure and entertainment, already proven to have helped in the formation of better children. See the facts inside. The Magician with his great powers intimidates a small powerless village, …an Innocent boy sent out of school for an offence he never committed, …a gossip at 72years old, …bad advice given to two children by their different parents, ...a seven years old girl given 'out in marriage' upon the death of her parents, …Nono Loses his bag, …What becomes of them all? Find out in the book.
Author : Dr Tansi
Published : 2019
Book Type : Kid
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 50

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