The High-Powered Christian Entrepreneur
It is the desire of every rational person to achieve measurable success in their occupation. However, most persons pass through life unhappy with most aspects of their lives. We crave a good life but rarely carry our aspirations beyond the belief it could be achieved through hard work often in the wrong professions. We regularly work at tasks for which we are not suited and regrettably end up with a poor imitation of what we imagine success to be. The author of this book affirms nobody was created to live a hard and unhappy life. He believes every person came into this world prepared for a specific task, which is called God's purpose and will not find fulfillment without finding this task and keying into it. And no matter how long you had missed it, there is the opportunity to make a clean start into your newly liberated life. The High-Powered Christian Entrepreneur is a book for Bible-believing Christians, both young and the old. It illustrates through instructions and activities how to rise again from life failures and create a new life enterprise suited to what God has fashioned you to be.
Author : Rotimi Ogunjobi
Published : 05/01/2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 86

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