The Sexual Escapades of April
There are good girls and there are bad girls, of course there are the evil girls too who I prefer to call bitches. I am neither a good girl nor an evil girl and that leaves one option: I am a bad girl. I change boyfriends like I’m changing clothes and anything I want I get it, tell me what is wrong with my lifestyle? Nothing! There is no dulling moment in my life, so take a ride with me to read out of my naughty diary. If only her mother knew she’s now a calendar girl and what her precious daughter is up to, she would faint. Of course there is no way April is letting her mother find out how she lives. April is a big girl, sophisticated and a heartbreaker who only associate with people based on their monetary value. Enjoy the world of April as you take a glimpse into her escapades. This is Book one in the series.
Author : Annabelle Simon
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 32

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