With These Shoes I thee Wed
Toke is in her late twenties. She’s living the life she’s always wanted as one of the top fashion designers in the country. But there’s just one thing. She has issues with men and relationships. A marriage proposal crossed her path seven years ago with a man she loved, but back then marriage was the farthest thing on her mind and he wasn’t ready to wait for her. Eight years later . . . Toke has lived with the thoughts of her past proposal hunting her. Hating the persistent question of when she would finally settle down. She felt choked and weighed down with the constant pressure from society and her mother. Why was she so unlucky with love, especially when her best-friends Chiemerie (already married) and Ibidun is walking down the aisle in a matter of weeks! Lola is also facing a similar problem. She’s a well-known lawyer who, despite her show of confidence in the court-room, is living with doubts and fear in her relationship with playboy Dayo. Her insecurity and attitude problem is a turn-off for him. Lola tries her best to hold-on to Dayo. Even if she knows he’s a cheat. She’s desperate. Her friends are getting married and she wants to have her own wedding and choose her own colours. She has given him her whole self on a platter of gold, but it seems she has to subject herself to more conniving means to win his ring on her finger. Toke seems to be progressing when Damola steps into the picture. She believes him to be the right man for her. He has a steady job and seems to meet all her requirements for the perfect man. She’s pleased with him and tells her friends, but Toke doesn’t feel peace about it. While still trying to make-up her mind on what she wants, Ibidun’s brother, Mayowa, shows his interest in Toke. He’s not exactly the kind of man she pictured herself with. Another problem is Toke is slightly older than him. A bigger problem is, Ibidun would never agree to it. Lola comes from a Christian background but doesn’t bother herself with adhering to its truths and doctrines. She doesn’t want to lose Dayo. Lola doesn’t realize God is still interested in her. And whatever bad thing happens, He means it for good in her life. She doesn’t see that yet. Especially when Dayo sends her out of his house. Both women are forced to make certain decisions that could either ruin them or keep them on the path God has for them.
Author : Tope Omotosho
Published : August 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Poetry
Number of Pages : 234

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